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What's new with the Curation 2025 planner collection?

July 08, 2024

You know what fuels our creative process? Your feedback!

Every year, we read through hundreds of survey responses to uncover desired changes and common themes. 

Then, we test and poll our creative ideas and solutions before bringing them to life. It’s a long but deeply fulfilling process! 

So, the big question—what’s new with Curation 2025?


With 7 feature upgrades and the introduction of 4 new products, there’s a lot to be excited about! 

Let’s bring you up to speed. 

New feature: 2025/2026 Yearly Planner 

The Yearly Planner table gives you a clear, concise view of the entire year—perfect for big picture planning, mapping out deadlines or seeing important dates, events and birthdays at a glance. 

The inclusion of the 2026 Yearly Planner facilitates forward planning—ideal if your job requires you to work across two calendar years at a time or if you need a spot to add “important dates” for the following year. 


New feature: blank checklists and extra note pages 

At the back of Curation, you’ll find 1 x tracker,  4 x blank checklists, 4 x lined pages and 4 x dot grids. 

You can use this bonus space to log books read, movies watched, restaurants to try, manage specific projects, create cleaning checklists, or jot down 'nice-to-do' tasks—the possibilities are endless. 

Personalise this space to suit your needs.


New and improved: Self-Care Menu

We’ve enhanced the layout and included three prompts to help you reflect on your definition of self-care and complete this section with ease. 


New and improved: Bucket List

We’ve replaced the list format with a visual layout. Think bucket list meets vision board. Get creative and add stickers or magazine cutouts for more visual impact. 


New and improved: Daily Self-Care Planner

Strategically positioned on your weekly spread, above your to-do list, is your Daily Self-Care Planner. It’s a daily prompt to check in with yourself and schedule an act of self-care that supports your needs. 

We’ve had the same symbol attached to this feature since 2018—it was time for a change. 

The new heart symbol more accurately represents and captures the essence of practising self-care to boost your energy or recharge your batteries. 


Removed: Savings Curator 

We’ve removed the Savings Curator as most customers revealed they did not use this section of the planner. It’s been replaced with a series of blank checklists and extra note pages at the back of your planner. 

For those who want this feature, it is available in our Undated 365 Planner or free to downloadhere

Alternatively, you can draw up your very own income and expense trackers using the extra note pages at the back of your planner. 


Removed: Public Holidays 

Your weekly and monthly spreads are now free from unnecessary clutter. 

Fun fact: more than 70% of the public holidays that we have previously included in Curation don’t apply to you and take up precious space on your weekly and monthly spreads. 

For those in Victoria, 74% of the public holidays are irrelevant. In New South Wales, it’s 77%. 

We polled this and the majority were in favour of removing all public holidays to maximise space for what’s actually important and relevant. 

New planner: Curation Daily Planner 

Meet the newest member of the Curation Planner family: the Daily Planner. 

Featuring a day-to-a-page layout, the Daily planner is designed to support busy schedules and keep priorities in check.

With built-in prompts for self-care, habits and gratitude woven into your daily spread, plus ample room to organise your daily schedule, you can stay consistent and focused on the important things.

Not sure which planner is right for you? Watch our comparison video or take the 2-minute quiz. 


New planner: Curation 90 

Introducing Curation 90: a snack size version of Curation featuring 13 undated Pre-Week Planners and Weekly Spreads. 

If you’re new to Saint Belford, it’s the perfect way to sample the Curation layout before committing to a dated version. 

It’s also an ideal option for those who only need a planner during busy seasons of life or enjoy the novelty of changing planner designs every 90 days. 


New accessory: Curation Planner Pocket

You asked, we listened! 

Designed to fit the Original and Mini Planners, the Curation Planner Pocket is the perfect accessory for storing stickers and the odd receipt. 

If you require more storage, opt for the Compendium.


New accessory: A4 compendium 

This luxuriously crafted A4 compendium is designed to fit the Large A4 Planner.

With spacious compartments for all your paper-related goods and a super satisfying magnetic closure, it’s a dream come true for the A4 planner community who've been searching for a matching compendium.  


New accessory: Curation Prompt Stickers

We sifted through hundreds of survey responses and noticed a recurring piece of feedback: 

I love filling out all the different sections of Curation (Mission, Habits, Self-Care, Bucket List) at the start of the year but sometimes I forget to go back to those sections throughout the year. 

Solution: Curation Prompt Stickers  

We know how easy it is to forget about your goals, habits and self-care when life gets busy. 

We also know that reminders go a LONG way in keeping us on track. 

How many times have you scribbled “don’t forget…” in your planner or asked Siri to set a reminder? 

Sometimes all you need is a gentle nudge in the right direction.

That’s where the prompt stickers come in. Strategically distribute these prompts throughout your planner at the beginning of the year. Stick them on your Pre-Week Planner or Weekly Spread for maximum visibility. This will help ensure the goals and intentions you set earlier in the year remain in clear view.


And that’s a wrap!

Lots of upgrades. Lots of new products. All thanks to your feedback! 

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