A Guide to Using Curation

What is Curation?

Curation is a Lifestyle Curator that contains a unique set of features to help you design, build and live the life you want, without compromising your wellbeing in the process. This how-to guide will demonstrate how to use Curation to its full potential. 

1. Write a Bucket List for 2018.

Finally, a chance to write a to-do list you actually want to complete. Spend some time thinking about the adventures, experiences and activities that you would like to add to your 2018 memory reel. Consider the following categories: travel, skills and knowledge, career, finances, relationships and family, physical challenges.




  • Keep it realistic by assessing the time and financial investment involved.
  • Personalise your list and keep it relevant to your interests and goals.
  • Include a combination of small, medium and large goals.
  • Share your list with others to keep you socially accountable.

2. Decide what you really want to achieve in 2018.

Review the following areas of your life: career, family, health, relationships, personal growth, and use the Mission Statement section to record your goals. The act of writing it down makes it more real and concrete in your mind. You can utilise the framework provided to formulate a clear plan of action and establish a realistic timeline for achievement.



Think about why you want to pursue each goal. You’ll need to dig deep to uncover your true motivations. When in doubt, you can flip back to this section and remember why you started.

Determine the primary steps you need to take in order to complete your mission. This should be relatively broad steps that can be broken down into smaller to-dos.



Acknowledge your progress and reflect on what you’ve learned so far. This will only recharge your confidence for the next leg of your journey.



  • Set SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.
  • Seek out people who have already done what you want to do and learn from them.
  • Stay open minded and flexible in your approach. Be prepared to modify your plan of action.

3. Define the habits you would like to cultivate and/or break. 

Over the next week, observe your habits and identify changes you would like to make. Use the Habit Curator to define your desired habit and elaborate on why this habit is important to you. The reasons you catalog will help keep you motivated and determined.

Next, you’ll need to determine the minimum amount of work you will need to complete in order to earn a tick. Go one step further and establish rules and boundaries to clarify the habit you intend on cultivating or breaking.



You can use the Habit Tracker on each weekly spread to track and record your progress but be honest with yourself - a tick is earned only when the minimum criteria is met.


  • Assign each habit a number or letter so that you don’t need to rewrite your habits on each weekly spread.
  • Start small. Taking the “all or nothing” approach can lead to self-sabotage.
  • Announce your intentions to family and friends to keep you accountable and enlist their support.

4. Review your finances.

Whether you have a specific savings goal in mind or you are just looking to grow your pot of gold, you can use the Savings Curator to generate an overview of your current financial situation.



The Savings Curator includes Actual and Desired columns under Expenses. Once you’ve reviewed your bank/credit card transactions and listed all your monthly expenses in the Actual column, it’s time to optimise your budget. 

Analyse your monthly expenditure and search for expenses you can realistically reduce or eliminate. Add these revised expenses to the Desired column. For example, if your average monthly takeaway expense is $100 and you decide to reduce it to $70, you can add $70 in the desired column next to Takeaway.



Once you have a clear overview of how much you can realistically save each month, calculate your monthly surplus and decide how much you are willing to contribute to your savings goal.


  • Use a grey lead pencil to complete this section so that you can easily erase and adjust the figures.
  • Set up scheduled transfers once you decide on a set savings amount. 

5. Plan your week in advance.

Plan your meals in advance to save yourself time, money and mid-week tantrums. The weekly meal plan provides adequate space to plan your breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners, however, you may decide that you only want to plan your lunches and dinners.



Make an effort to climb out of your comfort zone and try something new each week with Your Cue (your weekly challenge).

The drawing board is your space to define. Use this additional space to scribble your thoughts, draw stick figures or brainstorm ideas for a new project.


  • Use your weekly meal plan to generate a shopping list.
  • Turn to the recipes on p244-245 for dinner inspiration.

6. Check in on your mission.

Review the goals you’ve chosen to pursue. Are you on track? Do you need to modify your plan of action?

Identify the goal-related tasks that you can realistically tackle in the coming week and record them in the Mission in Progress section of the Pre-Week Planner. There is a monthly overview positioned at the top of the Pre-Week Planner to help you plan.



  • Schedule your goal-related tasks into your weekly spread to keep it top of mind. 

7. Check in with yourself and live a better day.

Use the dedicated space to schedule a wellness activity that focuses on nourishing your mind and body. Make this a daily priority. 

You can organise your week under the subtle headings provided: what’s on and to-dos, or you may choose to merge this section into one list.



Use the Habit Tracker to track and record your progress but be honest with yourself - a tick is earned only when the minimum criteria is met.


  • If you need inspiration to kickstart your routine, turn to p249 of Curation for a list of wellness activities.

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