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Customer Testimonials and Reviews

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"Almost Perfect" Curation 2022 Diary
Sophie W.

High quality, well thought out planner. Would definitely purchase again.

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2022 Diary
Kari K.
Curating 2022 almost perfect

Really happy with this. The almost perfect the flaw in the cover is barely noticeable. I honestly don't see it unless I actively look for it. I'm really happy with the inside to, great quality and nicely laid out. I love going to it and using it. I think it's great that these get sold and do not end up being thrown out.

“Almost Perfect” indeed 🙌

It literally makes your journaling experience even better by simplifying every step possible.

The perfect diary

This diary has absolutely every single thing you could possibly need, the size is perfect and comfortable to write in (being left handed, this is always a hard one for me) and it looks so sleek!

Curation Tab Stickers


This diary is a game changer, love it. Thank you!

"Curate With Ease" Bundle

"Almost Perfect" Curation 365 Undated Planner
Jodie H.
High quality planner

Everything I purchased was such high quality and beautifully packaged. It is a luxury to touch the cover and the pages within.
Each page is so carefully thought-out, being so intuitive to my needs and planning style, it is as if I had designed it myself!
This is my first purchase and it is safe to say I'm in love with Saint Belford x

"Almost Perfect" Pledge to Stay Well | Mindfulness Journal
Steph K.
Perfect to me!

I'm not sure why this was in the almost perfect sale. I haven't been able to detect any faults with this product. The journal itself is great! I've been using it every day since it arrived!

Saint Belford A4 and Journals

Just the BEST company around for Diaries and Journals! I used to be a Kikki.K girl, found these guys a year ago or so and have never looked back - products are superb as well as the customer service :)
I would be helpless without their Curation diary (this year A4, more in love, if possible, its PERFECT!) and their "Wisdom Within" journals.
Warmly recommend this company and their lovely products!!

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2022 Diary (Mini)
Maddison G.
Almost Perfect Curation Mini

I purchased an almost perfect Curation last year and absolutely loved it. I could not find what wasn’t perfect about it! I chose the mini for this year so that it fits in my handbag and again, cannot find one imperfection! I love that the mini still contains all the extras to keep my records of so many things. I also purchased the almost perfect tabs and now believe they are a necessity. Makes it so easy to find the page I am after.

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2022 Diary
Marcel T.
Love it!

One of the best thought out diaries I’ve ever used!

Empowered state of mind bundle!

Feeling super organised, motivated and excited for 2022 thanks to the journals and accessories in this bundle. Each day is made simpler and it’s a motivation booster checking in morning, throughout the day and at the end of each day! 😊

Fantastic diary

After searching for a diary that would meet all of my criteria I stumbled upon the Curation 2022 diary and was more than just impressed when it was delivered. I love the examples of how to use the different areas for priorities for the week including self care, finance, mission and of reflections and my bucket list to work through. Thank you for a professional 2022 diary with selection of colours and covers to choose from. I will now be a regular customer of Saint Belford x

Curation 2022 Diary
Madeleine T.

Curation 2022 Diary

Best planner I’ve ever had

This is hands down the best planner I’ve ever had. It has EVERYTHING I would have put in there myself. Such good quality. I could only get the orange but I actually turned out to love it. It’s a gorgeous colour and the tabs are awesome. Thank you!!

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2022 Diary
Lauren B.

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2022 Diary

Gorgeous and thoughtfully put together

Was a fantastic gift to help a friend get back into the workforce after being a stay at home home. The planning and mindfulness sections are great, very happy recipient.

Curation 365 Undated Planner

Such a gorgeous diary

This diary has in one place everything that I want for the year. Habit tracker, mission statements, financial goals etc it’s an absolute godsend. I’m loving being back using a paper diary for everything I want to create the life I desire

My Saints

I love the curation 2022 diary. It helps to get back on track with life and see my year from a monthly and daily breakdown. And the prompts in between really helps to look towards the future.
The journal as well is amazing. I’ve already recorded a couple of moments of realisation. It’s the best investment for mental health

Wonderful Planner!

I’m a new customer to Saint Belford, but I’ll continue to use the Curation Diary. It’s so user friendly and allows a seamless integration of productivity with habit tracking and gratitude. I love it!

Very cute and helpful!

Game changer for me. I am pretty competitive as well as a planner, so this is really up my alley!
Am always excited to tick off agendas of the day, and plan for the week ahead!

2022 unlocked!

What an amazing tool for keeping things in check and organised! Brilliant and necessary!

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2022 Diary
Eliza A.
4th week of Jan and it’s already changed my year

This planner has helped me get motivated to really make 2022 my year. I struggle with planning my time and this has really helped me see everything I’m doing currently and need to be doing in the future. It’s honestly already changed my year and life