Curation 2021 Diary Pre-Order Update

Update posted: 23 October 2020

2021 Diary Collection

Curation 2021 Diary pre-orders are now shipping.

As of Friday afternoon, around 17% of 1000+ pre-orders have been packed.

If you placed a pre-order in September, expect to receive a shipping confirmation email between Friday 23 October and Wednesday 28 October.

If you placed a pre-order in October, expect to receive a shipping confirmation email between Thursday 29 October and Friday 30 October.

Please note, packing and shipping of 1000+ orders will take several days. Orders are being packed and shipped in the order they were received.

We were initially advised our stock would arrive around the first week of October (3 – 4 weeks from our launch on 9 September).

Regrettably there were unforeseen shipping delays which has moved this advertised shipping time back by two to three weeks.

Current products on pre-order: Curation 2021 Diary, Curation 2021 Diary (Mini), Compendium, Pause: Self-Care Gift Box, Curation Sticker Set, Double Sided A6 Desk Card.

Current products in stock and shipping daily if ordered without a pre-ordered item: Pledge to Stay Well Journal, Wisdom Within Journal, "Peace of Mind" Jigsaw Puzzle.


Pause: Self-Care Gift Box

All orders of Pause: Self-Care Gift Box from October 21 onwards will ship in mid November. This is due to stock delays of third party products. If you ordered Pause before October 21, it will ship in the time advised in your confirmation email.


Thank you once again for your continued support and understanding. We really appreciate it.

Stay well,

Alex and Tom

Founders of Saint Belford