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17 Unique Ways to Use Your Curation 2022 Diary

March 18, 2022

Curation diary open on a desk

We recently sent out a survey to everyone who purchased Curation 2022 to gather thoughts, suggestions and fresh ideas for the 2023 collection. 

We didn't expect to uncover a goldmine of inspiration for fellow Curation users. Not only did we receive plenty of ideas for the new collection, many of you revealed the unique ways you've adapted the features in your planner to better work for you. 

For those seeking a little inspiration, here are 17 unique ways to use your Curation 2022 diary—all taken from our 2022 survey. 

  • I like to list the books I've read for the year in the "Bucket list" section.
  • I use the drawing board as a journal entry each week.
  • I love the "meal plan" but use it as a study plan instead so have whited out the words and written in my own. Breakfast is for tutorials, lunch for study sessions dinner for assessments. 
  • I use the meal planner for tracking my spending in 3 different categories. 
  • I don’t use the spending or savings tracker because I use digital ones. Instead this year I used those pages as a package tracker - to keep track of all my online purchases! 
  • I'm using the second column in the weekly diary as a 'Today's good thing' reflection spot.
  • I use the meal planner to record what I eat and colour code by feelings - helps me self monitor in ED recovery
  • I use the drawing board to record my workouts and a reflection of my week. And the self-care planner (heart symbol) I use for my highlight of the day.
  • I use the self care line each day to note down exercises.
  • The memory bank is great as a parent to track kids special moments.
  • My kids leave me drawings and messages on the dot grid.
  • I use the dotted grid for recording timely phone call notes, decisions etc so it's saved in the appropriate week.
  • I use the dot-grid in Curation A4 as a daily journal. I write a small recap of each day of the week. It's a happy medium between 'serious journalling' and not journaling at all. Also allows me to see how the day went emotionally/mentally alongside the appointments.
  • I use the dot grid for meeting notes for my internship each week, and brainstorming ideas for new work! It’s great for brainstorming and connecting interrelated ideas. Also sometimes use it as a weekly master list of to do’s which I migrate to my weekly spread as I need.
  • I use the dot grid for personal reflection, mantras and little sayings that interest me.
  • I use the top half of the dot grid to review/summarise the previous week (journal entry), and the bottom half as a general notepad.
  • As a teacher I use the dot grid for weekly staff meeting notes, parent meetings, planning my week, things I need to do.

The dot grid referenced here is only in Curation A4.