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Customer Testimonials


We asked 2019 Curation users the following question in an anonymous survey... 

“What positive changes have you noticed about yourself since using Curation 2019? What features contributed to this change?”

This is just a handful of their responses:

  • Being more aware of my habits! And working towards my goals intentionally.
  • The Habit Tracker is a game changer.
  • If I get off track with my goals, my curation diary really motivates me to get back and refocus. I use the daily self care activities as an exercise log and I really try to get my exercise done so I can colour in that heart.
  • I am more self aware and love organization even more. I feel more productive and accomplished since I can recognize my achieved goals.
  • Making healthy decisions and sticking to them, I quit smoking thanks to the mission in progress feature.. so grateful to be able to hold myself accountable like that.
  • A lot better with eating and knowing what to eat thanks to the meal planner. I sit down on Sunday and plan out my weeks food, it's fantastic!
  • Habits are improving. Getting into a better routine. The curator has helped be more self aware of what I can achieve on a weekly basis.
  • Feel more balanced, a holistic approach to your life is encouraged.
  • I’ve NEVER been able to maintain a planner in the past, but Curation has features for everything I need to keep track of. I love that I’ve been able to finally develop a practice of having one reference point for all things in my life.
  • Last year (2018) was the first year I’ve felt that my diary was actual useful. I wrote down goals I had been dreaming of for years and by the end of the year I had either achieved them or made significant and measurable progress towards them- thanks for the mission statements and bucket list!
  • I’m more consistent with my habits and to-do lists. My organisational skills have improved a lot! I particularly love the habit tracker - it’s so simple and really effective.
  • I’m sticking to my habits more from using the habit tracker! While my five habits at the moment are simple things I should be doing anyway, such as getting eight hour sleep, drinking 2L of water, moving my body, completing my uni work, it’s consistently reminding me to do it that really helps.
  • Being reminded about and/or scheduling daily self-care activities.
  • I feel more in control of my goals and my life!