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My Pledge to stay Well

Such a lovely book…I love holding it as the linen feel cover is luxurious. I love rolling into each page..lovely paper quality, everything so nicely spaced on the pages…simply stated headings leaving most of the space on each page for me and my words. A classy book that makes me want to take my time writing in some sections yet invites me to express myself every day on those blank pages that invite expressions of Life’s Gratitude Joy and Love. Thankyou Saint Belford…I support small businesses here in NZ with passion but when what I need and want is an Aussie small business then I’m right behind you too!. Love, love, love your products (your diary, my first, is with me every day) but this Pledge to Stay Well is a true gem. 💝🌟💖

Undated for the win

I love having the planner features in an undated format - perfect for my creative business.


I think this is a great planner for daily/weekly planning, as well as goal setting and habit curating. I like the way it is bound, and the paper is really nice and smooth. I knocked off one star because the monthly calendar starts with Mondays and absolutely drives me bonkers so I had to go through the months and re-label all the days. Otherwise, I love it!

Pledge to stay well

Well thought out, and I need this to help me. I can't quite figure out what elsemight be good in this journal but it's helpful for people like me who need some emotional support

Great planner. I am enjoying it.

Curation Sticker Set
Candace K.
Gorgeous stickers

The sticker tabs perfectly matched the cover of my journal both in color and texture, really making a complete look. Lots of Clever sticker designs to use within the journal as well. Really love all the products

Another one

Have loved mine so much, I bought one for my recent college grad to start her new job.

Brilliant planner!

Well thought out and a very useful planner! Thank you!

Diary is working excellent as a pure diary but even more so as a goal setting and achievement tool. 2 weeks in and I tweaked a gem….I changed my goal KPI from daily to weekly which allows me to stay an track and catch up when a day goes wobbly. I am very pleased

Curation 2024 Planner (End of season clearance)

I think it is too complicated for me..... too much to figure out....Also since it is almost half way through the year, it is heavy.....not sure I am going to make it work

Getting to know this new planner

I love the size of this planner and it’s weekly format…I’ve tried paper dailies with little success but the weekly format seems to work well for me. I love that it’s a hardback. There are a lot of features that I am still getting to know and it will take time to get to know everything so I am giving this a middle of the road review for now.

Beautiful. Well Crafted.

I've never had much luck with planners. I'd never stick to using previous ones. My Saint Belford planner is the first planner I've bought that motivates me and inspires me to work towards a goal.

Lovely and Functional

This little planner packs a punch. Excellent tool for organizing your day, prioritizing your wellness and goal setting! I’m absolutely in love with the portability and functionality of this planner! Don’t hesitate to treat yourself! You deserve to have the right tools to live your best life!

Has everything I was looking for

I initially started bullet journalling and the more I did it the more I found layouts, tools, features I liked and things that weren't of use to me. I tried all kinds of trackers and lists. Once I narrowed down what it was that I liked, I wanted to see if I could find a planner that already had these things incorporated to make my life a little easier. However, planners are expensive and I was still wary of pulling the trigger on something that ultimately didn't suit me. So, when I saw the sale on this planner in April, I knew it was a perfect opportunity to try it since it had been one of the ones I was most interested in trying. Now that I have it, it has not disappointed. It's really working for me and so far I plan to get it again for next year.

Curation 2024 Planner (Large 8.3" x 11.7") (End of season clearance)

Awesome product!

So appreciate all the thought that has gone into creating the best planner.

Curation 2024

Love my new diary.
So good for my brain!!!

Excellent product and fast delivery

My order was delivered in record time and the planner is perfect.

Curation diary (THE BEST)

I love this planner as it aids me in tracking my daily habits as well as long term goals, no more will my ‘new years resolution’ get away from me! I love being able to take a mindful pause and reflect at the end of each week. It was so good I even convinced my mum to purchase one to help her as well. 10/10 you need this in your life! 🤩

Love it!

This planner so far has helped me keep my goals in focus and breaks down steps in order to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself. I can’t wait to see how my year will turn out for the better! I feel motivated to do things and to learn more.

Curation Planner 2024

Love my planner and the divider stickers. Will definitely be purchasing again for 2025. Great customer service too.

Almost perfect

I love this journal/planner. Two things would make it BEYOND perfect. 1. Reduce the size and amount of branding on the cover. This is MY planner and I wish it didn’t say Saint Bedford in large print on the front and back. I also wish the cover didn’t say “curation” in such bold print on the front. It makes it feel like I’m advertising to everyone. 2. Use slightly higher quality paper like moleskin, lechtrum that make writing so much nicer/smoother, and 3. Make the instructions a separate pamphlet that aren’t a permanent part of the journal.

Love the quotes, love the cover, love the stay-flat binding

The best gift

I buy these diary planners as gifts. They are ALWAYS well received and I get personally thanked by the recipients. We also gave them as our staff gift this for Christmas and every month someone comments on how much they continue to love it every time they use it as they feel inspired by the thoughtful content.