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A5 Compendium
Fiona B.
Just wow!!!!

Loving the compendium

A5 Compendium

Love the compendium! It feels amazing and holds my planner, important docs, and everything I need to get me through the day. And it fits perfectly in my handbag.

LOVE this product !!

I really struggle with keeping a journal and calendar so having this undated almost guided journal made it super easy for me to maintain motivation without the fear of guilt of wasting a diary by not using it within the calendar year. People who don’t suffer from this may not need the undated version but the guided sections are amazingly helpful.
Hope y’all enjoy as much as I do <3

good quality and joyful to use

Curation Tab Stickers

I love these! I started using stickki note tabs to help find each section in my 2022 Curation (which I absolutely love!!!!) but they became crushed and untidy so I invested in the Curation Tab stickers which look beautiful. I now feel much more organised and proud to leave my curation on my desk.


Thank you for this planner ... absolutely adore it

Making me stuff feel special

I was gifted an annual planner but decided on purchasing a 365 replacement as some weeks just don't happen and I hated wasting such a lovely planner. All the same great prompts and spaces as the annual without the guilt if you miss entries occasionally (like me). Its a nice way to elevate the little stuff of our lives.

All products

This has been a life changer/organiser for me as a first year purchaser i am so glad I asked for this as a gift from my family- it has provide more meaning to planning and thoughtful reflection. Definitely a staple!

Wisdom Within Journal
Lovely Journal

Love this journal. Nice colour, and the paper is so smooth.

A5 Compendium
Leonie K.
A5 Compendium

Bought the compendium for my Curation diary after reading great reviews but there was a problem with the magnet. I reached out to the Saint Belford team, was contacted straight away and sent a replacement, which is fantastic and I absolutely love. I was really impressed with the customer support! I'm loving my compendium, which stores my curation stickers, important documents and I am so happy that it has a pen holder. Highly recommended!
Thank you, Saint Belford - I love your products!

It's beautiful and I love using it

Grow through what you go through

Great tee shirt good

curated to be USED

So glad I decided to invest in this daily planner for 2022. Though the year didn't start out as hoped it was great to have a space to reflect and still record the days. Because there is still good to be found in each day. I usually start off strong each year with my diary usage and taper off as it can seem like a chore. I can see myself using this planner all the way through this year as it really has been curated to be USED. I look forward to taking the time out to fill in the different sections daily, without feeling guilty if I happen to miss a day! It is a pleasure to use. I am also glad that I opted for the stickers as they add more fun & colour to the week. They also make it easy to spot highlights if you ever need to go back to reference something. Thank you so much to Alex & Tom for creating a beautiful diary that makes a daily difference to your customers. Appreciate the positive messages on your Instagram too.

Very happy with the stickers to add some excitement to my diary!!

5 Star

Love my 3rd Saint Belford! Customer service is A1. Now have my daughter on the Saint Belford program and she loves it too!

Curation 2022 Diary (Mini)

Love the Diary

It's great


My item came very quickly and it was in perfect condition. Thank you!

"Empowered State of Mind" Bundle
Sharon S.

Super helpful and organized!!

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2022 Diary
Caitlin E.

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2022 Diary

Curation Tab Stickers
Michelle B.


Great planner!

Love the layout and steps towards setting and achieving goals.
Really love the daily spot to write in exercise/ training schedule! And the week to a page has a great balance of space for your calendar plus to do list.
Definitely what I wanted in a planner!

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2022 Diary
Kate O.
Great layout

Love the weekly layout and some of the pages at the beginning. The only thing that would make me LOVE this diary is cream coloured pages rather than stark white.

"Almost Perfect" "Peace of Mind" Jigsaw Puzzle (500 Pieces)
maria r.

Loved it, so beautiful and relaxing. It was so nice to work with such soothing colours.

Just started and already impressed

Love the easy set up, the simple instructions and the guidance questions that make you think.