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Curation 365 Undated Planner

Best diary I’ve had. Love how it’s undated and I can start whenever I want!


I think I have bought six of these so far as gifts, plus my own Curation 2021 that started it all. This journal has helped me remember how many interests I have outside of work, and helped crystallise my goals and plans for the next few years to the point where I have realistic steps and timelines in place and am on the way to achieving two of my goals six months early, but in a way that made it feel like there was no pressure! Get one. Seriously.

My second year of Curation

I love this journal! It trumps all others. I had my first one last year, but in 2021 I decided to go with the 365 mini in pink. Its gorgeous and certainly does the job, though I miss the quotes so I might get the full version next year. Either way, you can't really lose because its such a thoughtfully made journal. Highly recommended.

Brings so much depth to my reflective practice

I love this journal so much - the prompt cards are invaluable and really helpful, the layout, colours and feel of the journal are great, and it's really made a big difference in how I support and care for myself. Highly recommend!

The perfect gift

It was painful to gift this for Christmas because when it arrived I fell in love! The quality is unparalleled and the thought and intention behind it is beautiful it truly is well 'curated.' My friend loved the gift and has told me its the best diary he's ever had. Thank you!

Inspires me to journal daily

A really good quality journal! The little details including the quote which commences the journal and the section dedicated to ‘lightbulb moments’, really inspires me to journal regularly and have enabled a deep sense of personal insight and growth.


Received my 2021 Compendium, this is my second year of purchasing and I’m NOT disappointed, it’s beautiful and well thought out and I use it daily!

Absolutely love!

I've been using Curation every day for over a month now and it has supported me to develop such a great routine in 2021. Using this planner has helped me not only to ensure I complete everything I need to do, but more importantly to prioritise and value self-care and personal development.



Game changing

Wow, thank you for creating this amazing life tool! I bought this planner last year and am coming back to leave a review now to say that you guys are absolutely killing it! As someone who overthinks + plans incessantly, it’s incredible to have just the one focal point to unload all the millions of things buzzing around in your head in a structured and organised way. Pretty much every aspect of life is covered! It’s helped me become more organised, focused and present not getting lost in thinking about XYZ... New lifelong customer here! I’ll be buying myself and all of my friends a 2022 planner :)


Best planner I’ve owned :)

Curation Sticker Set

Grow through what you go through

Love this T-shirt, not only is it inspiring it is one of the most comfortable T-shirts I have ever worn. I will be ordering the other 2 T's as well!

Great addition!

Love my stickers. Looks great in diary and are well priced. Would love it if we could buy whole pages of hearts, presents etc!

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2021 Diary

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2021 Diary

The compendium is of amazing quality and goes perfect with the diary!

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2021 Diary

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2021 Diary

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2021 Diary
Beautiful Product

Thank you Saint Belford for creating such a compact diary that still contains everything I need to feel organised in all facets of my life. I’m so excited to continue using my curation planner for 2021!

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2021 Diary

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2021 Diary

Wonderful journal

Beautifully bound diary that encourages lots of engagement for reflecting and planning and setting goals. I’m so glad I got this!


I am loving everything about this diary. It turns goals into easy everyday steps and helps me focus on what matters the most

Great Planner

I needed a good diary/planner for 2021 to help get me back on track after 2020 threw my routine off track, and this one seems to include everything i needed. It's only mid Jan, but so far it's definitely helping!

I can't believe how much I love this diary!

I waited to write this review until I'd properly used the diary, as I really wanted to be sure before reviewing. I absolutely love this diary. The quality is great, lovely thick paper, and handles my fountain pen well (minimal ghosting). All of the features are so well thought out and are really helpful at keeping your goals front of mind. I will definitely buy again next year and will be recommending to anyone I know who uses a diary. Really impressed!

"Almost Perfect" Curation 2021 Diary
A Beautiful Journal for an Obsessed Journal-Writer!

I am an avid journal-keeper, and have been so dissatisfied with normal yearly journals that I switched to bullet journaling 5 years ago. But the Curation collection was so perfect for my needs that I switched back! No regrets. My "almost perfect" 2021 diary is super high quality and has everything I need in a minimal, useful format, and now I can't imagine leaving home without it in my purse. 11/10, Saint Belford! :)