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We are Tom and Alex and our mission is to provide you with the tools that empower you to design, build and live the life you so desire, without compromising your wellbeing in the process.

It’s not about us, it’s about you. 

We created Saint Belford to remind you that your wellbeing is your most precious asset and making your health #1 consistently is the best investment you’ll make in this lifetime. We know that you know that but life happens and the first thing that is generally knocked to the bottom of our agenda is our health. Guilty? We were too and we've collected a few scars along the way - enough to fuel the passion for this cause (more on that later).

Bad habits. We know how difficult it can be to dispose of them and adopt new ones, especially without the right tools at your fingertips. Now that we've taken care of the latter, we're inviting you to make one simple pledge to yourself:

Put your mind and body first.

When you make this lifestyle shift, you cultivate the physical and mental stamina to pursue your lifelong dreams (you know, the kind that triggers that pulse of excitement and jolts you awake each morning). You’ll also have a better chance of gracefully overcoming the hurdles of life - none of this public celebrity meltdown BS.

Remember that you hold the power. You are the curator. The change begins and ends with you, but know this - our mission isn't complete until yours is. We are in this together.

Alex’s Epiphany: the mother of all stop signs

Of all things, it was a kick in the gut that inspired Saint Belford.

In early 2017, I experienced a serious case of burnout (self inflicted of course) that rendered me unfit for work. It was the mother of all stop signs and a genuine blessing in disguise.
I was cramming far too much into my day and treating my body like an industrial machine, striving to make each moment a productive one. Naturally, it took a toll on me physically and mentally. It was only after a few emotional meltdowns and a nasty case of gastritis that I came to terms with the facts:


  1. My priorities were not in order. Far from it actually.
  2. Hustling aggressively and benching your wellbeing is a recipe for disaster. Your body will ultimately slam the brakes against your will and it won't be pretty.


Moral of the story? Look after yourself. Don't wait until you're incapacitated, begging your body to fix itself. It's about looking after yourself consistently and proactively. We need to embrace the concept of slowing down to go fast. Defy the status quo - slow down and stay well.

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