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8 Game-Changing Self-Care Rituals You'll End Up Loving

October 25, 2021

Pledge to Stay Well Journal on a coffee table

As you move through different seasons of life, your self-care practices will naturally evolve. You may drop certain rituals and pick up other practices that feel more aligned with your needs.

When your self-care practices no longer nourish you or provide the benefits it once did, treat it as a sign to explore new activities and rituals.

We know it can be a little daunting to shy away from what's familiar. If you're feeling added resistance because you're unsure where to begin, here's some inspiration to get you started. Who knows, you might just stumble upon your new favourite self-care ritual.


Spray magnesium before bed

When you spray it directly onto your skin, your body starts absorbing it immediately. It goes straight to your blood vessels and muscles rather than being absorbed by your digestive system when you take it orally. How's that for efficiency!

But, why magnesium?

Well, magnesium naturally relieves stress and tension in your body which helps with the wind-down process and getting a better night's sleep. Not only does it help physically relax your body, it also supports skin health thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. So many benefits for so little effort!


Complete a monthly reflection

When you give yourself the time and space to quietly reflect on how you spend your time each month, what worked well and what didn't, you can step into the next 30 days with clarity and the wisdom of what you didn't know before. ⁠

You can make better choices that align with your values. You can make better decisions that support your wellbeing. You can focus your time and energy where it matters.⁠

You might like to burn a candle or incense and make yourself a cup of a tea to set the mood.

The goal is to write what comes to mind without judgment. Dig deep, be honest, and allow your answers to fl

Here are 3 prompts to get you started:

  1. What were your biggest distractions this month? What prevented you from practising self-care, working on your goals or following through with your habits?
  2. What boundaries can you set to protect your time, energy and wellbeing?

What can you delegate or remove from your schedule entirely to create space for your goals/priorities next month?


Do a social media detox

Do you ever feel hungover from spending too much time scrolling on social media? It’s a combination of excessive screen time and content overload that tips me over the edge.

Sometimes you just need a break from it all.

Try it. Stay off social media for 24 hours at least. Go 48 hours if you're feeling ambitious.

If you're feeling reluctant, but you know you need a detox, think about it this way:

You've just gained time. The time that you would typically spend scrolling can be used for something else. What's something enjoyable or relaxing (ideally an offline activity) you've been putting off that you can do with that time instead? How about giving yourself a facial? Completing a jigsaw puzzle? Baking a treat? Taking a nap? Reading a book?


Experiment with essential oils (the pure kind)

I’ve been using essential oils for about four years now. Peppermint and DigestZen by DoTerra are my absolute must-haves. I can’t live without them.

If I have a headache or wake up feeling a little foggy, I rub some peppermint oil on my temples to provide some relief.

If I feel bloated, I’ll reach for DigestZen. Bloated was the unfortunate status quo during my pregnancy, so I always had it with me. I love how a natural concoction can provide so much ease and comfort. It's incredible that scent has the power to shift your state of being.


Listen to meditones

Meditones, also known as binaural beats, is a form of sound wave therapy. They are tuned frequencies of sound, that when listened to with headphones, initiate a calmer, more relaxed state.

Here's the science behind it:

Brain waves and sound waves are both measured in Hertz which means sound can be used to stimulate brain wave patterns.

When two frequencies are combined, they make a humming vibration.

When you listen to this vibration with headphones, your brain will start to match that vibration.

Brain waves that are at a frequency of 10Hz are in the Alpha range. These brain waves are typically produced during daydreaming and calm focus.

By listening to meditones at 10Hz, you're able to tap into a calmer state of mind.


Write out a pep talk you can read on those crappy days

If talking is more your jam, then film or record a pep talk addressing all the fears and doubts that typically surface for you on a bad day. The purpose of this pep talk is to address all the unhelpful self-talk that plays on repeat and strips away your confidence.

I did this a few years ago and it has helped on numerous occasions. I keep it in a separate album on my phone that I can easily access on those days my inner mean girl takes over and all logic goes out the window.

What this pep talk ultimately provides is perspective. It can remind you of the things you already know deep down but tend to forget when the voices in your head are yelling a different narrative.

Whenever I’m having a “bad day” I instantly fear slipping into a really dark place and this pep talk neutralises those thoughts and reminds me that I’ve survived every other bad day.


Have a dance party in your living room

This is one of my favourite things to do, especially when I'm feeling flat or depleted. It's such a great mental escape, but also an effective way to pump some energy back into your body and get those endorphins flowing! I'm often puffed by the end of the song, but there's also a change in how I feel energetically.

Try it. Put on your favourite beats (something upbeat), close your eyes and move your body in whatever way feels good.


Sip on a cup of tea

If you find it difficult to slow down and just press pause in general, you might find this to be the perfect little ritual to transition you out of hectic-paced kind of day to a quieter, calmer evening.

Do nothing else. Put down your phone. Just sit with your cup of tea for a few minutes. Enjoy the aroma, the warmth and the taste. Savour it.

The tea (when hot) forces you to slow down. You simply can't scull a hot cup of tea, without it being a really unpleasant experience. You have to sip it slowly. This helps introduce a calmer, more mindful pace.