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A Crystal Clear Guide: How to Harness the Ancient Power of Crystals

August 19, 2019

Stones and crystals

This is a guest post written by Beckie & Jess from HartRoks. The two first met during their Yoga Teacher training in 2014. Over the years, they identified a wedge in the wellness space where people were becoming increasingly interested in Crystals, energy healing and manifesting but just weren’t sure where or how to begin.

HartRoks offers a modern and relatable take on the ancient healing modality of Crystals. Accompanied by the duo’s mindful manifesting techniques, Beckie & Jess are opening the ‘energy healing doorway’ so that 'the everyday person' can feel more comfortable delving into crystals, moon cycles, energy healing, cleansing, charging and manifesting. All of which are tools to help people become their most HartRokkin' and happy self!

For more information on Roks, cleansing, charging, manifesting and everything in between, come say ‘hi’ via Instagram, Facebook or our website.

For those of you who are new to Crystals and feeling a little apprehensive about where to begin, firstly let us say you’re not alone.

There are two of us behind HartRoks and our individual journey into Crystals was very different. 

Where Jess had been using Crystals in her life for some years, I had very little understanding of them and to be honest was rather sceptical and confused by the massive amounts of ‘woo woo’ information out there. 

While Crystals are on the rise in popularity, there is still a wedge between the beautiful ancient healing modality and the ‘everyday person’ having enough confidence to pick up a Crystal (or Rok, as we like to call them) to use within their wellness and manifesting journey.

How do I know if I’m doing it right?

The number one question we are all programmed to ask before diving into anything new is: “Am I doing this right?” or “What is the right way?”

Jess and I have been asked these questions in relation to Roks, cleansing, charging, manifesting etc several times. 

The questions range from: “How do I choose ‘the right’ Crystal?” to “How do I ‘properly’ cleanse and charge said Crystal?”and “How ‘should’ I use my Crystals to manifest?”

In a world where we can google just about any ‘how to’ process, it’s any wonder we look for answers externally. It’s also quite normal to want to get things ‘right’ from the outset.

Not to mention the fact that the average person is pretty time poor these days, which means we don’t have the capacity (or the patience) to spend hours on any one project only to be told at the end that we’ve done it wrong. Nuh- ahhh.  

So, do you want to know what we have to say when we’re asked each of those wonderful questions? 

***drum roll***


Learn to trust your intuition 

That’s the beauty of YOUR Rok journey…There is no wrong! There is no ‘should, right or proper way’ to do any of this. You just can’t get any of it wrong. You can only be right when YOU decide how, where and when you use your Roks.

This is because at the core of any healing journey, whether that be with Crystals or any of the various ancient modalities (yoga, meditation, etc),the primary goal is for you to become more intuitive, more in tune with your body, mind and soul. 

Ultimately, we hope that through the process of learning to trust your intuition throughout your journey with Crystals, you can become more confident in trusting your gut in all areas of life. 


Identifying energy leaks and energy peaks 

So, what now then? It feels like a bit of an anticlimax to be told ‘it’s as simple as that’ and ‘just trust your intuition’… But, despite this simple advice, I can hear your mind is still ticking. Somehow you still have that yearning to be told where to begin, right? 

When we started HartRoks, we identified the major areas within life where energy leaks and energy peaks occur and we married specific Roks to align with each of these areas. 

Energy leak are those conversations, situations and people that drain you of your beautiful energy. Being in an energy leaking environment brings your overall vibration down.

An example of a typical energy leak is being in a job that leaves you feeling tired, stuck, sad and/or anxious.

Energy peak are the beautiful moments in life when you just feel ‘at home’. It might be whilst out in nature, during a meditation or even after finally reaching a goal you’ve set for yourself.

Energy peaks are also felt as spikes of energy during exciting times in life.For example, doing something invigorating and perhaps outside of your comfort zone.

Or, when you have one of those encouraging and soulful conversations with a fellow high vibin’ human. These energy peak moments leave you feeling inspired, excited, aligned and in-flow. 




Our 6 high vibin’ Roks are:

We work with 6 high vibin’ Roks to cover the main areas of life. We’ve given each Rok a cheeky nickname to help you identify the Rok that will align energetically with whatever it is you’re working with in life. 

The Career Rok, Citrine:Prosperity, Change, Courage

The Health Rok, Clear Quartz: Healing, Positivity, Clarity

The Love Rok, Rose Quartz: Relationships, Compassion, Nurturing

The Grounding Rok, Smokey Quartz: Protective, Stabilising, Positivity

The Confidence Rok, Pyrite:Boldness, Persistence, Self-Belief

The Zen Rok, Amethyst:Detoxify, Intuition, Calming

And now for those of you playing along at home…

Yes, those of you who have a Rok that’s been gathering dust for some time and you’ve really just got no clue what to do with it? Well, here is a nice place to start.

Keep in mind, this is just a guide and so at any point, we encourage you to go with your own flow and gut.

Cleansing and restoring your Rok’s natural vibration 

Cleansing can be done at any time! This is done to bring your Rok’s energy back to its natural frequency. 

Roks are known to both generate and absorb energy, therefore over time they lose their natural vibration and instead store negative energy that they’ve kept at bay from you (aww, so kind of them).

Cleansing is done using any natural element—smoke, water, air, sun, moonlight, dirt, breath, just to name a few. 

We like to use Palo Santo smoke as it acts like a smudge stick, however it not only eliminates negative energy, but it also attracts positive energy. Further to cleansing your Roks, you can cleanse your home, yourself, your loved ones…you name it!

Charging your Roks during a full moon

Charging your Roks is pretty similar to plugging in your iPhone. By placing your Rok in a window sill, or outside during a Full Moon, you allow it to charge up on Mother Natures natural energetic pulse. 

Think of it like a beautiful boost of energy for your Rok. And by the way, your Rok doesn’t need to be in the actual light of the moon, it’ll still pick up on the intense vibration from the moon, just as the ocean tides run high and some humans find their own energy surge during a Full Moon.

Programming your Roks on a new moon

Energetically, a New Moon is the perfect time to turn inwards. It is the time when the sky is darkest with very little moonlight and so, we have an opportunity to begin a rich manifesting journey, concentrating on our inner voice as opposed to everything going on around us.

As Roks vibrate at their own frequency, so do you. When you couple your energy with that of a Rok, you are essentially multiplying your frequency, as if you’d picked up a megaphone to the universe. 

As you generate a frequency, you will be met with similar frequencies externally (in the form of people and situations) which marry up to your vibrations. 

So, by taking some time on a New Moon to set an intention and hold your Rok against your skin, you will transfer your thoughts and emotions (energy in motion) into the Rok to vibrate out for you. Equally so, your Rok will transfer its vibrations to you. Aww, so sweet!

With all this said, the ultimate goal is for you to find your inner voice and not only use it to choose and care for your Roks, but also to live your best HartRokkin’ life.