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Genius ways to use your Personal Planner/Tracker in Curation

June 03, 2024

Genius ways to use your Personal Planner/Tracker in Curation

The Personal Planner/Tracker can be found on the Pre-Week Planner spread in the Original, Large, Daily (launching soon) and Undated versions of Curation. 

How you use this multi-purpose space is completely up to you. The absence of headings gives you the freedom to customise the table according to your needs and priorities.

The best part?

You also have the flexibility to change what you plan/track each week. Given that what you plan/track might change based on seasons and shifts in priorities, having this core feature in your planner is an absolute game changer!  

#1 - Fitness, Work & Self-Care

#2 - Lunch, Dinner & Gym

#3 - PhD Work, Exercise, Connection

#4 - Highlight, Connection, Healthy Choices

#5 - Meds taken + Symptom tracker

#6 - Body, Work, Soul

#7 - Meal Planner & Dog Training Program

Other ideas from the community:

  • Tarot card reading
  • Daily cleaning schedule
  • Something that fills my heart 
  • Non negotiable housework 
  • Time in nature
  • Moment of connection
  • Fair Play cards
  • Main priorities for business
  • Workout plan + details 
  • TV tracker 
  • Reading tracker
  • Daily intention
  • Daily win 
  • Daily gratitude 
  • Study schedule
  • Partner's shift work schedule 
  • Mood tracker 
  • Kids/Family schedule 
  • Step count 
  • Money wins
  • Discretionary money spent each day 
  • Symptom tracker
  • Dog training
  • Skincare routine
  • Tracking words read vs words written
  • Sleep tracker
  • Assessments 
  • Baby meal tracker
  • School lunches 

Got an example you'd like to share with the community? We'd love to hear from you. Send us an email: