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The Making of Your 2022 Diary Planner

June 09, 2021

Curation diary open on a desk

The design process for Curation 2022 Diary begins with an annual survey which we send out to customers who purchased Curation 2021.

While we LOVE reading your beautiful comments, what we really want to know is how we can improve. What features need some tweaking? What features need a whole redesign? 

We ask customers what they love, what features they use the most and what parts need the most improvement. 

We highlight common pieces of feedback and debate potential changes. We also use Instagram polls to settle our debates.

Everything goes into a brief for our designer. Nothing fancy. It’s just a Google doc. Sometimes I’ll mock things up on paper to give our designer a good place to start. Other times, I'll leave it to our designer to come up with a few ideas first. 

Then, the back and forth begins! 


Besides choosing colours for the 2022 diary collection (SPOILER ALERT...Sage Green is back this year!!) we spent most of May redesigning the Savings Curator feature (in response to your feedback) and designing an A4 version of Curation.

For the first time ever, we decided to beta test the A4 version and get some feedback before launching it. This was such a HUGE help.

We’ve also been working on a brand new accessory for your planners which we’re pretty sure you’re going to love.



June was another huge month behind the scenes. We gave the Curation sticker set a bit of a facelift. Expect to see some new stickers in a fresh, new colour palette. 

We worked with @bychloejoy to bring your annual quote card to life which I’ve got to say is my favourite one yet.

We spent hours proofing Curation. It’s definitely the most tedious and time consuming task of them all. We proof it ourselves but we also outsource this task to minimise any chance of error before it goes into print.

And just like that your 2022 diaries are officially in production!

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