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Our Top 5 Favourite TED Talks

June 13, 2018

Our Top 5 Favourite TED Talks

Watching an inspiring, thought-provoking TED Talk that speaks to you on a personal level is a powerful pick-me-up and an epic source of motivation.

With a solid internet connection, an open mind and 18 minutes (or less) of your time, you can undergo what we like to call a free massage treatment for your mind.

Whether you’re looking to broaden your perspective, deepen your understanding of the world, restore your faith in humanity, encourage change in your own habits, attitudes or lifestyle choices, expand your knowledge in a particular area or simply boost your motivation for the day, you are sure to find a talk that satisfies your mental cravings.

We’ve listed our top 5 to get you started.

Note: the passion is contagious.

Brené Brown: The Power of Vulnerability


Brené Brown teaches us about connection, vulnerability, self-worth and courage. In this passionate presentation, Brené Brown debunks the socially ingrained myth that vulnerability is a weakness and reveals that it is, in actual fact, our most accurate measure of courage. Prepare yourself for a generous dose of empowerment and the highest of high vibes.

Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret to Better Work


Shawn Achor argues that happiness is what inspires productivity and it is not necessarily the reality that shapes us but the lens through which we view the world that shapes our reality. A very entertaining, thought-provoking talk that will at the very least, make you smile.

Simon Sinek: Start With Why - How Great Leaders Inspire Action


Simon Sinek unpacks the ideology that makes the most inspiring people and organisations so successful and influential. We would recommend this to leaders, managers, fellow entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in the making and those deeply fascinated by human behaviour.

Tim Ferriss: Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead of Your Goals


Tim Ferriss encourages us to fully envision and write down our fears, in a powerful exercise he calls “fear-setting.” If you’re in the process of setting goals or you’re encountering internal resistance, this may be the antidote you’re looking for.

Tony Robbins: Why We Do What We Do


Tony Robbins discusses the “invisible forces” that shape our thoughts, behaviours and actions. According to Tony, knowing what shapes our behaviour enables us to take charge of our life and create new thought patterns that allow us to experience genuine fulfillment. An insightful talk for those fascinated by human behaviour or those seeking to understand their own behaviour and actions.