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Real Customer Stories

March 16, 2018

Real Customer Stories

Stories of people inspired by Saint Belford to slow down, stay well and gracefully kick ass with Curation. 

Meet Zoe:

Meet Zoe, a graduate kindergarten teacher from Geelong, Victoria. Zoe’s main mission for 2018 involves completing a registration process to become a fully registered teacher.

“It’s basically one giant project with lots of different elements. This has become my main mission for 2018 and I am slowly tackling it one week at a time.”

Zoe has also recently turned her hobby of taking photos into a side gig. You can check out her snaps here: @stanfordshotsphotography

“I have a very busy schedule both during the week and on weekends. I chose Curation as it allows me to fit my health (both physical and mental) into my busy schedule and ensures I do get some moments to slow down. I also loved that it’s more than a diary, I see it as my life planner, and love using it to keep track of photo shoots that are booked in!”

Zoe has been using the Weekly Meal Planner in Curation as her nutritional guide.

“Every Sunday I sit down and plan my meals for the week and create a shopping list from there. This has been so beneficial for me, I’ve actually lost 2kg from planning meals in advance rather than choosing what to eat on the fly.”

We love when Curation users bend the rules and make it their own. When asking Zoe how she personalised her planner, we were super impressed with the small changes she implemented.

“I use the weekly habit tracker a little differently. I write down my ‘goal’ for the week and highlight the days I want to achieve that goal. Then I tick the days if I successfully do it. For example, I do clean eating from Monday through to Friday. So I highlight those days and as each day passes I give them a tick. I leave Saturday and Sunday blank so I know they are my days off. I also write my shopping list on the drawing board because it is right there next to my weekly menu which I do at the same time.

Zoe also rates Your Cue as one of her favourite features.

“I keep up with them as much as I can and feel a sense of achievement when I accomplish my cue! The bucket list is also awesome and I am slowly starting to tick things off my list already!!” 


Meet Prue:


Prue is a professional athlete. She admits that staying organised and staying disciplined when it comes to training, nutrition, studies and work can be quite tricky.

Prue recognises that planning is the key to staying on top of everything and keeping her goals and vision alive.

“Before this year, I was never a diary person only calendars but I’ve been using this diary week in and week out. Been really helping my training, work, social life and uni life!! It is exactly what I need for my busy lifestyle.

As an athlete, nutrition is always top of mind for Prue. She uses the weekly meal planner to make more conscious decisions when it comes to breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.

“Writing down each meal and snack every week helps me analyse my nutrition and intake, as well as my good and bad (naughty) meals.”

Aside from analysing nutrition, Prue also conducts somewhat of a weekly analysis to see what weeks are successful and what weeks aren’t so successful so that she can modify her workload/commitments accordingly. This keeps her aware of how she is spending her time, which we really applaud!

“I use Curation to keep track of every week to see what weeks were successful, what weeks I may have done too much and been too stressed and affected my training.”

To keep things interesting, Prue also enjoys participating in Your Cue each week.

“I also love the challenges under the drawing boards each week, it keeps my weeks interesting and it’s always good to do something different.” 


Meet Rosie:


Rosie is in her final year of university, studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing. She works two part time jobs at an organic food store and florist.

She has also recently taken on a role as Marketing Director at an international skincare company @udiskincare which complements her passion for health and fitness.

"Juggling 3 jobs and a university load whilst trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and family/social life can at times be a little overwhelming but with Curation, all those things are made much more manageable!"

Rosie loves the fact that Curation holds everything in one place, allowing her to not only plan her daily tasks but stay on track with her personal missions and self-development.

“With Curation, I have everything I need in one place. Previously, I would use numerous different notebooks or diaries to take notes and set goals, only to get lazy and overwhelmed with the lack of organisation that I would eventually just give up.”

Now, she uses Curation to break down her goals into smaller, achievable tasks which makes it easier to stay on track.

“At the beginning of each week, I set my ‘weekly mission’, I then spread my mission into smaller, achievable tasks across relevant days throughout the week. Curation keeps me organised and to a sense more disciplined - in the best kind of way!

This new level of organisation and self-discipline has enabled Rosie to fulfill one of her biggest missions for 2018.

“Since using Curation I have successfully achieved one of my biggest missions for 2018 - launching the website for UDi SKINCARE, and have developed new daily habits with the habit tracker. For the rest of 2018 I am using Curation as my main motivation!”

There are a few habits that Rosie is working on building this year, so the Habit Curator is proving particularly useful for her. She finds it extremely satisfying to have all her tasks, habits and goals ticked off and completed at the end of each week. This visible progress is what keeps her motivated and disciplined.

“I write down my daily habits under the ‘habit tracker’ - some that I keep consistent are ‘make bed’, ‘exercise’ and ‘stretch/yoga’ as they are some non-negotiable habits I am working on within myself.”

Rosie uses the “Wellness Activity” section to keep track of the type of exercise she does on any given day.

“I always write down what exercise I complete daily under ‘Wellness Activity’ as I can easily forget what I did and when. This prevents me from doubling up on weekly workouts!”

The Drawing Board has been a big hit amongst our customers, with many citing uses that we hadn’t even thought of.

“The drawing board for me is mostly used for affirmations or quotes that help me set an intention for the week. However, sometimes I just doodle or sketch until words come to mind.”


Meet Isabella:


Isabella works in Global Sales and Sport and Entertainment at AccorHotels corporate office.

Although she has got her hands full working across two departments, she’s also learning to schedule in time for herself and actively plan her meals in advance.

“I’ve never been one to think about meals or planning what to eat. I’m usually quite spontaneous and don’t take health into account. However, with Curation I’ve actually been using the meal planner section to save money and become healthier, I love it! Plus the recipes at the back are a great motivation to cook healthy myself, honestly not sure what I’d do without this diary now!”

For Isabella, the ability to track everything in one place (exercise and habits) allows her to see when she’s making an effort and when she’s falling behind. This new level of awareness keeps her accountable.

“I love being able to track my exercise and meals to see when I am clearly making an effort some weeks and lacking in others.”

Isabella uses Curation to manage all aspects of her life.

“Not only can I use this for my work and job but for all other aspects of my life that are important to me like health, savings, family and friends and most importantly how I want my 2018 to be!”

She’s found the Mission Planning section and Drawing Board particularly useful for managing her personal and work goals.

“I’ve also loved being able to use the mission plans section not just for work, but for self improvement and other motivational aspects too. I have also been able to use the drawing board to separate tasks for both departments I work for, like a notes section, which is super helpful!

If you are also using Curation to manage your work and personal life, you may want to take a page out of Isabella’s book!

“I’ve been using different colors to highlight different aspects of my life such as family, friends, work and birthdays which I’ve found really helpful!”


Meet Tenaya:


Tenaya is currently studying, working part time (30 hours) and completing her placement at a secondary school.

Later this year, Tenaya will be graduating with a double degree in Literature and Education.

She’s also working towards completing Level 2 obedience with her Dalmatian puppy and is actively scheduling time for the gym and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) sessions.

“I’ve been using Curation to track my exercise and eating - it helps keep me accountable. If I don’t have things written down, my best intentions can still run away from me, but when I have that little box to tick, it has to be done!”

Tenya finds the drawing board particularly useful for tracking specific goals she has set for placement.

“I’ve been trying using the drawing board to track specific goals I have for my placement. Whilst teaching a class, I need to remember to project my voice without shouting, so having that and other similar things written down really helps me.”

When we asked Tenaya why she chose Curation as her planner for 2018, we were moved by what she had to say:

Curation is by far my best investment of 2018 - it is like my own personal assistant that makes sure I show up to all of my shifts, classes, lectures and training sessions, whilst also reminding me of good daily habits and exercise. It allows me to plan out my goals, my life and to somehow make it all fit.”


Meet Bella:


Bella has been working in digital marketing for the last couple of years. She is passionate about art and all things creative.

She loves to travel and she’s going to be ticking a few more places off her Bucket List in 2018.

Finding balance is something that Bella previously struggled with but she says that with Curation, she’s finally scheduling in time for the things that make her happy.

“For me, the big thing that I am using Curation for is to make sure I spend time on the things that make me happy. I'm finally regularly spending time on the passion project that I've pushed to the side for too long. It has helped me to enjoy and make the most of every day of the week!”

Prior to using Curation, Bella was using different books for to-do lists, weekly habits and personal goals.

“Curation covers everything I could possibly need in a weekly planner! Curation makes life so much simpler and has helped me to declutter everything going on in my mind.”

The Habit Curator has proven extremely useful in helping bella develop a consistent exercise routine.

“The weekly habit tracker has helped me develop a regular exercise routine again and stay motivated to keep working towards my goals.”

We were so pleased to hear that the Drawing Board has come in very handy for Bella.

“The drawing board has been fantastic for brainstorming and to note down the random ideas that pop into my head!”


Meet Darcey:


Darcey is in her first year out of uni, working as an Animal Health Consultant. Her #1 intention for the year is to get into the habit of using a diary so that she can actively plan ahead. 

Darcey finds the Weekly Meal Planner and Habit Curator most useful because it allows for more conscious decision making. 

“I love this diary and it was a great idea to have everything in one place. I am trying to create good habits, especially just the general use of the diary itself as well as the nutrition and planning what I’m going to eat for the week.

The mindfulness quotes peppered through Curation have been a big hit for Darcey, so much so she decided to purchase one for her mum! 

“I especially love the mindfulness quotes, so I purchased one for my mum too and she loves it as much as me. :)”

The additional space of the Drawing Board has proven to be a very practical feature for Darcey who uses it to write down quick notes to herself. 

“The Drawing Board - I can write down quick notes that I need to remember for that week.”


If you’re using Curation a little differently and you’d like to share your story with us, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at