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So, What's New With Curation 2019?

September 09, 2018

Cherry Blossom (pink) Curation 2019 diary weekly spread


A sincere thank you to everyone who submitted feedback through the customer survey or sent us suggestions via email, Instagram and Facebook.

We really appreciate your time, dedication and input. It definitely provided us with the inspiration and energy we needed to create the second edition of Curation.

After listening to your feedback and asking ourselves how we could improve Curation and stay true to our mission, we decided to make the following modifications, for an even more superior user experience:

26% more writing space on each Weekly Spread

We’ve extended the margins, included seven additional lines for tasks and appointments and created space for weekly reminders to help you plan, prioritise and manage your week with ease.

Double page Mission Statement

The 2019 edition features a double page spread to map out your goals. There are six double page spreads in total.

Losing motivation and veering off course due to doubts and fear of failure were the most commonly cited struggles associated with setting and following through with your goals.

This inspired us to incorporate journalling prompts to help you debunk your fears, identify the cost of inaction and remember why you started.

We’ve also included a progress bar to track and celebrate your milestones and additional space to formulate your grand plan of action.

The Self-Care Menu (New)

Designed to alleviate decision fatigue and make self-care planning easier on you, the self-care menu gives you the opportunity to list and organise your favourite routines, rituals and habits for easy reference.

100gsm paper upgrade

We were able to source a higher quality version of 100gsm woodfree paper which is less transparent than our 2018 edition, allowing for a more superior writing experience.

Three striking shades

The most common piece of feedback we received was“more colours please.”

Instead of one, the Curation 2019 diary is available in three striking shades: Cherry Blossom, Midnight Blue and Signature Black.

16 Habit Curator worksheets

Since this was the most used and most loved section of Curation, we expanded this section to include 16 Habit Curator worksheets, so that you can actively build habits that support your goals and make more mindful choices throughout the year.

Double page Monthly Planner (New)

Does Curation have a monthly planner?topped the charts in most frequently asked questions last year.

Well, you asked and we delivered.Curation 2019 features a double page Monthly Planner so that you can plan each month in advance, mark in important dates, make notes and reminders and mentally prepare for the month ahead.

Savings Curator progress bar

We've redesigned the Savings Curator to include a progress bar so that you can set milestones and visually track your progress towards your goal. There is also a “Savings Plan” section for you to list the actions you are willing to take to achieve your desired goal, like bringing lunch to work instead of ordering Uber Eats.

Larger Drawing Board

We’ve extended the margins and increased the size of the Drawing Board to accommodate your brainstorming, scribbling, sketching and list-writing needs. 

More space to plan your meals

The Weekly Menu has been redesigned to cater for breakfast, lunch and dinner planning. Snack planning is now featured below the breakfast, lunch and dinner columns.

International public holidays

All Australian public holidays for all states are listed. We’ve also included all major public holidays for New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Yearly Overview (New)

We’ve included a yearly overview so that you can view the year at a glance.

Oh, and it’s worth noting that the spine is the “right” way this year. We can laugh about it now. 😅

As you’ve already gathered, this is no ordinary 2019 diary. This is a Lifestyle Curator designed to help you take charge of your life, organise your priorities and stay mindful in your pursuits, the byproduct of which is more energy and more time for the things that are most important to you.

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