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4 ways to use Curation 2024 planner before January 1

November 28, 2022

4 ways to use Curation 2024 planner before January 1

Whether you've already received your favourite annual delivery, excitedly awaiting its arrival or about to place your order, you might be thinking to yourself, ugh, I can't use it until January...

Well, you can!

Remember, this isn't your ordinary diary after all.

If you simply can't wait until January 1, start with these sections of your planner. There's nothing stopping you from diving right in. 

Curation 2023 planner monthly spread

Weekly + Monthly Spreads

Add important dates like birthdays, weddings and holidays you have planned in 2024. Use your Curation Sticker Set to personalise your spreads and make them more meaningful at a glance. 


curation 2023 diary self-care menu

Self-Care Menu

Start filling out your Self-Care Menu. This is space for you to list activities and rituals that are nourishing and rejuvenating. 

Reflect on what energises you, rejuvenates you, boosts your mood, relaxes you and genuinely fills up your cup. These are the things that should be added to your Self-Care Menu. They don't need to be anything fancy.

The key is prioritising practical, realistic activities that are accessible to you. 

Since you're basically creating a personalised self-care cheat sheet, I'd recommend only adding activities and rituals that have been beneficial for you in the past. Don't add it to your self-care menu unless you know it's a reliable form of self-care. 


curation 2023 diary bucket list

2024 Bucket List

This is your fun to-do list. Add the adventures, experiences and activities you want to try in 2024. 

Consider the following categories: travel, adventure, education, entertainment, contribution, creativity, health, family and relationships. 

A traditional bucket list typically features once in a lifetime, travel-related experiences. However, we recommend expanding your definition. 

Expand your definition to include things you've always wanted to try at home, like pottery, or things you've always wanted to do but never had time for, like learning how to drive a manual car or Marie Kondo-ing your house. 

Keep it fun, satisfying and realistic. 

There are two ways to use the date column.

You can use it to mark in tentative dates or actual dates of completion. The former gives you a timeline to work towards. The latter provides a record of your bucket list experiences. 


2024 Intentions

Take some time to contemplate the year ahead. How do you want to live each day? What do you want to focus on? How do you want to feel? What are your intentions?

For example, you might want to become a better listener, improve your relationship with your partner or be kind to yourself and let go of the incredibly high expectations you impose on yourself.

This exercise is perfect for those who want to step into the year with a bit more clarity and purpose. It can serve as a precursor to goal setting or it can simply be space for you to journal and explore how you feel about the year ahead.

You might use the lined space on the left to journal your intentions or you might use it to brain dump anything that comes to mind.

The four boxes on the right are for refining and categorising your list of intentions. When you flip back to this section, you won’t need to read over your scribbled thoughts.

You can cast your eyes over these four boxes that clearly state your intentions and the areas you want to focus on in the coming year.

Check out our Guide to Using Curation 2024 for video tutorials, helpful tips and loads of examples to get you started.