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What's new with Curation 2023 diary?

September 01, 2022

What's new with Curation 2023 diary?

Wondering what’s new with our 2023 diary collection?

Every year, we love finding new ways to make your all-in-one diary even better than the last.

Here are 8 awesome upgrades to get excited about.

Curation 2023 diary date tracker 

New feature: Date Tracker

The date tracker is located at the back of the planner after Memory Bank.

It was originally designed to list important dates for 2024 but as is the theme this year, we decided to remove the heading so that you can adapt it to your own needs.

More freedom. More flexibility. More room to customise.

You can use this space to continue the Memory Bank feature. You can use it to track books that you’re reading or restaurants that you’ve dined at. You can use it to list assignments or track medical-related appointments.

It’s not always possible to remember exactly when your last dental appointment was or when you had a skin check, chiro adjustment or physio appointment, right? If that’s an issue you’d like to solve, you could record all your medical-related appointments here so you don’t have to flip through every weekly spread to figure it out.

As you can see, there are so many ways you could use this new feature.

This change applies to all versions of Curation 2023 Diary.


New feature: 2023 Intentions

We’ve introduced this feature to fill in the gaps of the Mission Statement framework. The Mission Statement framework is great for concrete goals but not always helpful for the more abstract, less tangible intentions you might have.

This section encourages you to look beyond those concrete goals and contemplate how you want to spend your year.

How do you want to live each day? What do you want to focus on? How do you want to feel? What are your intentions?

For example, you might want to become a better listener, improve your relationship with your partner or be kind to yourself and let go of the incredibly high expectations you impose on yourself.

This exercise is perfect for those who want to step into the year with a bit more clarity and purpose. It can serve as a precursor to goal setting or it can simply be space for you to journal and explore how you feel about the year ahead.

This change applies to all versions of Curation 2023 Diary.

 Curation 2023 diary - pre week planner

New feature: Personal planner or tracker

The table positioned on the right hand side of the Pre-Week Planner was previously used as a weekly meal planner but thanks to your feedback, we’ve realised that it can be used for so much more than that.

For that reason, we’ve kept the days of the week on the side but removed the headings so that you can customise this table to suit your needs.

Think of it as a multi-purpose space.

You might choose to use it as a weekly meal planner just as we previously had it.


You might reserve one column to plan your dinners, another for workouts and another for scheduling study for a course you might be taking.

You could also use it as a daily food tracker or a mood tracker. It’s completely up to you. You have the option to change what you use this space for as you move through the year.

This change applies to Curation 2023 Diary (Original) and Curation 2023 Diary (A4). It does not apply to Curation 2023 Diary (Mini).


New and improved Drawing Board

We’ve replaced the blank Drawing Board on the left side of the Pre-Week Planner with a more functional Dot Grid.

The dot grid strikes the perfect balance between structure and flexibility. The dots provide more structure than a blank space which means you can write more neatly but it also provides a framework for mind mapping, doodling and sketching concepts. Bottom line, it can be customised according to your needs.

This change only applies to Curation 2023 Diary (Original)


New and improved Monthly Spreads

We’ve shaded in the blank boxes on the monthly spread so that you can easily view each month at a glance.

This change applies to all versions of Curation 2023 Diary.

 Curation 2023 diary - weekly spread with stickers

New and improved Curation Sticker Set

Last year, we introduced a sheet of 200 coloured dot stickers alongside the stickers you know and love. These coloured dot stickers are now transparent which means you can stick them over the top of dates to highlight important dates, appointments, classes or meetings. 

New to the collection: Curation 2022 (October–December edition)

Made for first-timers and those who missed out on Curation 2022 Diary. 😉

Every year, we receive messages from excited first-time Curation users who wish they could start using Curation immediately, instead of waiting for January 1 to a roll around.

Well, we took that feedback on board and created an A5 booklet with the last 3 months of the year for you to purchase alongside Curation 2023 Diary.

It contains October–December Pre-Week Planners + Weekly Spreads so you can start using Curation for the last 3 months of the year. HOORAY!

Please note this does not contain the upgrades and improvements we’ve made to the 2023 edition.


New and improved Curation Tab Stickers

We’ve modified the thickness of the PU leather so that the part of the tab that sticks onto the pages of your planner is thinner. We’ve also introduced spacing between each tab to make it easier to flip between each section.