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Make gratitude a habit: your 'no stress' guide

June 20, 2023

Make gratitude a habit: your 'no stress' guide

We get it — in the midst of a busy life, carving out time for gratitude reflection may not always be at the top of your priority list. It can even feel like a chore. However, pausing from the hustle and bustle is essential for gaining valuable perspective and lowering stress levels.

When you express gratitude, your focus shifts from what you lack to appreciating what you already have. Studies conducted in the US have revealed that it's actually physiologically impossible to experience envy or stress while genuinely feeling grateful. Pretty impressive, huh?

That's why building a gratitude practice is vital for fostering resilience during challenging times.

Here are three practical ways to transform gratitude reflection into a regular habit, whether it's on a weekly basis or even daily:

  1. Set a specific time and day: Treat your gratitude reflection as a vital appointment with yourself. Choose a dedicated time and day each week to prioritise it. By establishing a consistent schedule, you create a routine that makes it easier to remember and follow through.
  2. Make it a ritual: Elevate the experience of gratitude reflection by incorporating other elements that enhance your surroundings. Light some calming candles, brew a delightful cup of tea, or create a positive atmosphere that helps you slow down and truly savour the moment of gratitude.
  3. Explore different themes: Keep your gratitude practice fresh and engaging by delving into various themes or areas of your life to express gratitude about. You can focus on relationships, achievements, personal growth, nature's wonders, or acts of kindness. 

Lastly, remember to extend gratitude towards yourself. Cultivate self-kindness and elevate your self-worth by acknowledging and appreciating moments of gratitude directed inward. You deserve it!

By implementing these practical strategies, you can transform gratitude reflection into a regular part of your life. This will pave the way for increased resilience, a positive mindset, and overall wellbeing.