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4 Golden Rules Worth Living By

November 29, 2017

4 Golden Rules Worth Living By

It usually takes a stroke of adversity or a sudden death to make us step back and reassess our lives. It’s these sudden, undesirable events that can make us question our entire value system, grant us a fresh perspective and serve as the catalyst for change.


The idea thatlife’s too short naturally springs to mind in these circumstances. It’s not exactly a huge revelation - it’s just one of those things we remain indifferent to when our lives are proceeding as planned.


Instead of waiting for tragic circumstances to motivate change, let’s make the transition now. As we move into December and prepare for the new year, let’s take some time to reflect on the choices we’ve made and the actions we’ve taken this year.


Is that the person you want to be?

Do your actions correlate with your values?  

Are you being true to yourself?


It’s healthy to reflect on your decisions and review your behaviour so that you can achieve a greater state of awareness and strengthen your sense of self.

The rules you choose to live by and the values that underpin your decisions will be somewhat influenced by a number of external factors. However,you have the luxury of calling the shots. You get to choose, no one else.

What we’ve compiled below is simply a list of rules that we are choosing to live by. Whether you decide to take a page out of our book is entirely up to you.

Stop sweating the small stuff


Have you ever turned a minor frustration (in the big scheme of things) into a full blown argument, expressed a little road rage or continued a fight that could have ended hours ago?

I’ll be the first to admit that my emotions can sometimes suppress all logic and rationale - it’s something I’m actively working on.What I’ve come to realise is that it’s really not worth the mental energy or the suffering you’re inflicting on yourself. Let the little things go and choosenotto suffer.

Never go to bed angry


This was a rule my Mum had imposed on me as a child and it’s one I’ve chosen to adhere to as an adult. I know that if I choose to go to bed angry and leave the issue that is firing me up unresolved, I’m effectively ruining tomorrow before it can even begin.

So, instead of listening to your ego and allowing your pride to manufacture a thick wall of resentment between you and your loved one, ask yourself this - if that was the last moment you shared with your loved one, would that be okay with you?

Serve up sincere compliments


Have you ever thought to yourself - wow, she handled that situation really well or wow, that speech was incredible? That, my friend, is a compliment brewing and you have the power to brighten up someone’s day by simply verbalising your thoughts.

This simple act of kindness is a true gamechanger with a profound ability to enhance the wellbeing of both parties. So, instead of concealing your compliments, why not spread the positive vibes and share in the joy?

Express your love


When someone close to us leaves us unexpectedly, we begin to question whether we said I love you enough. Did they know how grateful we were and how much they truly meant to us?

The one thing you can spare yourself is the future regret of not demonstrating your love and affection. Whether it’s over the phone or in person, check in with your loved ones regularly and express your gratitude and appreciation. It’s time worth spending for everyone involved.

Remember that life is precious and every moment is fleeting. You don’t need to wait for tragedy to strike and regret to seep in before you review your principles.