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5 Self-Care Rituals You Need to Get Through the Silly Season

November 16, 2017

5 Self-Care Rituals You Need to Get Through the Silly Season

The festive season is upon us and while in theory it means we’re in for a jolly good time, we know it can also induce an ugly wave of stress and exhaustion when we accidentally join in the mad dash.

You have two options:

1) Let this wave drown your spirit.


2) Arm yourself with some daily self-care rituals and finish 2017 feeling amazing.

Well done for choosing wisely.


Presenting our five favourite self-care tips and rituals AKA your burnout proof vest for surviving the silly season and actuallyenjoyingthe end of year festivities.


1. Punctuate your day with mini-meditations

Beginning your day with a 10-15 minute meditation can activate a sense of calm and relax your mind - the ideal way to start your day.

However, we also know that this sense of calm can be shattered by certain events or encounters, like running late for a meeting or a client confrontation that’s left you frazzled.

Practising mini-meditations throughout the day can help you reverse those undesirable emotions and help you take the edge off.

When you take a moment to reset and release your tension, you’ll notice a distinctive shift in your judgment and behaviour. Hasty reactions are more often replaced with conscious choices.

These mindful moments (which are free for the taking) are incredibly powerful, so be proactive and calm that overactive mind of yours before it decides to do something silly.

There are a ton of meditation apps which you can download for free. Our favourites are 1 Giant Mind and Smiling Mind.


2. Stretch those legs and get in touch with nature

Fresh air and vitamin D can do you wonders, especially if you’re perched behind a desk for eight hours.

Incorporating a few short walks into your workday can help reduce mental fatigue and sharpen your focus.

There’s no point handcuffing yourself to the desk if you’re feeling uninspired and your anxiety levels are peaking because your to-do list is consuming you and you can’t hear your thoughts.

Productivity just doesn’t exist in that kind of state. So, step outside, get that body moving and activate that internal refresh button.

Take this opportunity to unplug from the digital world. Leave your phone in your pocket or at your desk if you’re brave enough.


3. Celebrate your wins, big and small

Give yourself a round of applause or a pat on the back (whichever you prefer) because you’re amazing and you don’t give yourself enough credit for it.

As humans, we are notorious for playing things down and for highlighting our downfalls more than our accomplishments.

We need to stop being so damn hard on ourselves and celebrate the daily victories. We’re not suggesting that you use a megaphone to make a nightly announcement to your fellow neighbours.

We’re simply advocating a little less self-deprecation and a little more recognition (cue Elvis). 

Acknowledging your wins, however small, will naturally have a positive impact on your confidence and self-worth. So, go ahead - exercise some pride and self-appreciation - it’s free!


4. Eat the good stuff

Food is your fuel and you’re going to need the best stuff to stay energised this season, so choose wisely.

It can be so tempting to opt for a dirty takeaway but we both know the satisfaction isn’t long-term and the regret will stain your mind just as the grease has stained your fingers.

Eating mindlessly restricts you from actually enjoying the moment. Slow down, savour it and be conscious of what you’re putting into your body, rather than acting like a human food processor.

It might be worth planning your meals in advance and making a list of healthy takeaway options so that you don’t surrender your body to the grease gods in a moment of weakness (and hangriness). We’ve all been there!


5. Guzzle down that H2O

We all know that staying hydrated is vital to our everyday functions and this becomes even more important as the temperature rises.

However, remembering to hydrate can ironically slip our unwatered minds when it’s loaded with an overwhelming amount of data.

Instead of waiting for a headache to trigger a reminder,keep a 1 litre bottle at your desk and set an alarm on your phone as often as you need.

Remember that self-care is not a selfish act and it certainly should not be categorised as a luxury. It’s a basic, human necessity that should always be registered as a #1 priority in your mind. As you prepare for the holiday season, don’t forget to check in with yourself and integrate these daily rituals into your life!