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6 Powerful Ways Curation 2018 Will Transform Your Life

November 02, 2017

6 Powerful Ways Curation 2018 Will Transform Your Life

You don’t really need Curation to transform your life.

You are more than capable of embedding the Saint Belford philosophy into your daily rituals and turning a new leaf.

The thing is, we know from personal experience that when “busy” becomes your most frequently used adjective, your state of wellness tends to take the back seat and that’s where the trouble begins.

That’s why we’ve combined more than 10 practical tools into one A5 sized accessory to help you curate your best year, without jeopardising your wellbeing in the process.

To answer the big “how” question on your lips, here are 6 powerful ways Curation can help you change your life forever.


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1. Unleash a better you

It’s simple. As Jim Rohn would say:


“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”


Making your health a #1 priority and checking in with yourself on a daily basis is the single most beneficial thing you can do for yourself and those around you.

For this reason, we’ve included dedicated space in the weekly spread for you to schedule activities that rejuvenate your mind and body. Consider this a reminder to slow down and take a breath.

When you start looking after yourself consistently and proactively, you’ll cultivate the physical and mental stamina required to tackle and overcome whatever life throws at you.

2. Update your internal OS

Habits make or break us. They can support your goals or hinder your progress. The problem is, adopting good habits and erasing those that are damaging can be challenging without the right tools at your disposal.

For your benefit, we’ve included an advanced habit tracker to help you stay accountable and disciplined along the way. What this provides is a visual display of progress and an empowering source of motivation.

Speaking of motivation, revisiting your list of reasons for building a particular habit can also rescue you from Lazyville (we’ve all been there) and put you back on track.

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3. Unlock the door to a world of possibilities

Nothing is more refreshing and enlightening than new experiences. However, there’s a price to pay and it’s not one we generally enjoy coughing up. We’re talking about discomfort - the heart-racing, stomach-swirling feeling associated with conquering fears, pushing boundaries and embracing uncertainty.

Ultimately, if you want to reach your absolute potential, you’ve got to actively step out of your comfort zone. So, to coax you out of your shell and help you find fulfillment in your daily life, we’ve included a series of weekly challenges for you to participate in.

Just remember, that elevated sense of accomplishment you might be craving can only be activated if you feel the fear and do it anyway.


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4. Make a big difference

Curation 2018 is not only an investment in your personal wellbeing, it’s helping raise much needed funds for R U OK? and Beyond Blue - non profit organisations who are working incredibly hard to improve the lives of millions of Australians affected by mental illness.

We understand that connecting with people who are struggling can be extremely difficult when you don’t know what to say or where to begin.

That’s why we’ve included a guide on
how to start the conversationby R U OK? Learning how to make that connection will empower you to start the conversation with your loved ones and make a difference in the new year.

5. Find the fuel that drives you forward

Setting goals is easy. Staying motivated and following through is often where the struggle begins.

When you spend more time defining your goals and writing down the reasons for your pursuit, you’re helping keep that crystal-clear vision of the future you crave top of mind.

We’ve included a special section for you to flesh out the why. It’s particularly useful when the going gets tough and the idea of quitting is persistently permeating your thoughts. The why is renewable energy source, one that will rescue you when all appears to be lost.

6. Grow your piggy bank

Regardless of what you are saving for - bucket list adventures, your first home or a hypothetical rainy day - it all begins with a goal. It has been proven that when you write down your goals, you naturally increase your odds of achieving them.

In light of that, we’ve included a practical savings planner to help you construct a feasible budget that you’ll actually stick to. It won’t be long until you mentally switch from spending mode to saving mode.

Forget the unnecessary episodes of burnout and emotional chaos that transpires from personal neglect!

When you make your health a #1 priority, it triggers an epic domino effect where you get to show the world what you’re really made of.

Don't just take our word for it - see what Curation users are saying here.

If you’re ready to gracefully kick ass in 2018, click here to order your copy of Curation today!