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Inside The Making of Your 2020 Diary (Part 3)

November 01, 2019

Curation diary open on a desk

This post was written by Saint Belford Founders Alex Phillips and Tomas Stanford.



Setting up shop

After our trip to China it was time to find a place to call home back in Australia. With the clock ticking and our stock set to arrive at the start of September, we didn't have much time to get things sorted.

The first two years of packing diaries was from a tiny apartment in Melbourne's inner city. But with multiple pallets of 2020 diaries arriving, the apartment life wouldn't suffice for this season.


Time for a sea change

We decided to set up shop in Geelong, Victoria, as it would be more affordable to rent a house to work out of without sacrificing postage times for Curation users.

Not long after finding a house and moving in, we began setting up our garage as a warehouse space for our 2020 diary season.

With a newly purchased packing table and a few Bunnings shelves later, we were ready to go!


Delivery day

The day came when hundreds of boxes of 2020 diaries were about to land on our doorstep. Thankfully, we ordered a truck with a tail lift to do most of the work for us.

Unfortunately, what arrived was a truck without a tail lift, meaning we had to manually unload all the boxes by hand, a sweaty affair indeed.


Launch day 

We launched our 2020 diary collection in early September and were absolutely blown away by the response.

It was incredibly amazing to see so many familiar names flooding back in for a second and third year in a row.

After our biggest day in sales in the short history of Saint Belford, we treated ourselves to a delicious dinner at our favourite local restaurant. 


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