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Taking Charge: The First Step to Living Life On Your Terms

January 29, 2020

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This is a guest post written by Lena Moxon. Lena is a serial entrepreneur, podcaster and educator. She has her feet firmly planted in Geelong as the powerhouse director of The Training Room Geelong and presenter of the Moxon Masterclass series. Lena is an expert in meeting people at rock bottom and giving them the tools and strategies they need to reignite the motivation, productivity and confidence to manifest magic. Lena learned her lessons in business and in life the hard way & teaches from experience. Her background in education and entrepreneurial pursuits fuels her desire to speak from experience with unfiltered honesty to shift mindsets and generate energy for life on your terms.


Cleaning out the closet

Our beliefs are often deeply rooted within us. From the depths of a breakdown that saw me lose my marriage, my businesses, my whole life as I knew it, I had no choice but to ask myself:

What led me to this moment?

How did I get here? 

Where on earth do I go now?

The answers to these questions were found in the tangled web of beliefs that I was stuck in. That’s the odd thing about beliefs.They can be the things that hold us back, keep us trapped, make us fearful – but ultimately, they are our own creation. We spin our own web of beliefs. 

Freedom from our own limiting beliefs is not easy. That shouldn’t stop you from trying to cultivate freedom and peace in you body, mind and spirit.  It’s a worthy work in progress. 

If you are an 80’s baby, influenced by the 90’s and infused with the stories shared in the lyrics of the new millennium, you’ll know that Eminem infamously cleaned out his closet. He shook out all of his repressed thoughts and unsaid resentments and made radical honesty about his life and his experiences his super power.

Upgrading your consciousness and being comfortable with that level of transparency is a process, but it can also happen in an instant. 

The moment I decided to take full accountability for myself and my life was the moment I swung the doors of my closet open and let decades of untold truths and tangled lies come flying out. 

When you give yourself permission to ‘clean out your closet’ you stop holding so much space for the people, places, experiences, thoughts, beliefs, habits, tendencies, values, attitudes and bullshit that holds you back—and you make space for things that you consciously choose for yourself.


What does it mean to take accountability?

Taking accountability for yourself and your life requires you to become decisive. 

It requires you to take the lead. 

When was the last time you made a decision for yourself without asking for input? 

Without considering the opinions of others? 

Without sharing your plans and looking for validation before you pulled the trigger?

A feeling of freedom and peace comes when you trust yourself.

Trusting yourself begins when you take the lead in your own life. When you give yourself permission to take decisive action.


How to become a master of decisive action

It's easy to blame others for unhelpful belief systems we carry. To stop playing the victim to our circumstances, we need to get into the habit of taking full accountability for ourselves, our beliefs and what we allow to influence us.

The images and words we take in daily are powerful. You can leverage this and use it to your advantage, or you can let it erode you. 

Start with doing a mandatory clean up of the accounts you are following on Instagram. 

This isn’t about simply deleting people that rub you the wrong way or have a sour sense of humour. 

It's about taking full accountability for who and what you allow to influence you and inform your view of the world on a daily basis.  

*If you don't have instagram, you could do the same task on facebook or with email subscriptions etc.


Action steps

  1. Write down instagram categories that are worthy of your time and attention. Things that uplift you, educate you, motivate you, entertain you, bring you joy etc.

    In what areas would you like to see growth in your life? 

    Are there mentors, inspirational people that you could find online that share their perspectives, experience and knowledge for free on Instagram (there are SO many!) 

    What categories are in alignment with who you are, who you are becoming and the current goals you have for yourself ? What do you believe is worthy of your time and attention right now?
  1. Write down categories that make you anxious, upset, jealous, annoyed etc. 

    *I literally included Infant Nutrition Pages on this list. I had initially followed them for inspiration and education. My son does not eat all the colours of the rainbow. Some days I'm lucky to get my one year old to so much as look at a vegetable. So these pages started to make me feel anxious and like I was failing as a parent. THEY HAD TO GO. I have also unfollowed all fitness influencers because they were feeding the body dysmorphia I battle against from time to time. These women were not aspirational, their bodies are mostly unrealistic and their lifestyle is not something I ever want to replicate, so they had to go too. It wasn’t serving me in any way to compare their over tanned, overworked physiques to my beautiful, empowered body—so they had to go.

  2. Go through your current Instagram list and delete any account that does not fall into one of the categories that you have decided is worth your time and attention OR any accounts that you have decided is a category that does not serve you well at this point in your life. 

    You will feel lighter because you’ve taken accountability for the imagery, words and messaging that you allow to connect with you daily.

    For most of us, this simple act is long overdue. Being decisive feels powerful. Reconnect to your own power source and align only with things that serve you and inspire you.  


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